Cirrhopetalum lepidum = Cirrhopetalum flabelloveneris

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Züchter Röllke-Orchideen
Kaufdatum 23.11.2001
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Bemerkung Info von Röllke-Orchideen:
temperiert, schattig bis halbschattig,
während des Wachstums feucht (ohne Staunässe), im Winter trockener,
düngen Frühjahr / Sommer mässig bis stark, im Winter fast gar nicht.


 "                 This is a species from southeast Asia.

                    This plant prefers low to medium light from 1000 to 2000 foot

                    This plant prefers intermediate to warm temperatures similar to
                    Phalaenopsis culture. Winter nighttime lows should be 62 to 64
                    degrees Fahrenheit. Winter daytime highs should be 75 degrees or
                    warmer. Summertime temperatures should be a few degrees

                    50% or higher is ideal.

                    It is best to use rainwater, distilled or reverse osmosis water.
                    Municipal water with a pH of 7.5 or lower can also be used. Water as
                    the mix approaches dryness. These plants like the potting medium to
                    remain moist most of the time.

                    Use GrowMore 20-10-20 Ureafree for municipal or well water. Use at
                    the rate of ½ teaspoon per gallon. If using rain, distilled, or reverse
                    osmosis water, add back in 5 - 10% municipal or well water to
                    supply the necessary calcium and magnesium. Fertilize every other
                    watering in the summer and every third watering in the winter.

                    This plant blooms from summer to fall months. It can send out one
                    or more spikes, producing 5 to 10 flowers per spike. The flowers
                    bloom simultaneously and resemble an "uchiwa" (Japanese fan).

                    Repotting should be done in the spring or when new growth begins
                    to show. Repot this plant into a plastic pot using a water-retaining
                    mixture such as coco-peat mix or sphagnum moss. It also grows
                    very well on hydro-logs.
" [, 24.11.2001]